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We’ve discussed the importance of logo design the need for a professional logo. So what steps do you take to obtain a professional logo and brand image?

Create a design brief for your company

A design brief is a great way to set direction for your company and identify your long term goals while setting parameters and inspiring creativity. Clearly defined objectives will allow the logo design process to flow from a creative standpoint and help the company achieve its desire success. In creating a design brief, try to answer as many questions as possible, including the following.

Define your Company or Corporate Profile

Create an overview or summary of your company, along with a brief history. Clearly define what your business does, the products and services being offered and how people can potentially benefit from your company.

Define your Company Goals

List the goals of your company, and what you hope to achieve from the company on a short term (1 year) and long term scale (10+ years). Decide exactly what your key message is, what you want to communicate to your viewer and why.

Define your Target Market

Who is your target market – include any demographics you may know – the age, gender, income, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you are targeting with your message.


List your competition and how they communicate their message. Knowing your competition’s strengths and weaknesses will help in developing a strong identity and branding message for yourself.

Define any previous marketing Communication Background

Provide any present or previously designed communication activity, including any research, advertising or design.

Create a Working Budget

Set a realistic budget for your logo design and branding project. In setting this budget, keep in mind that the logo design is the premise for your brand, and ultimately the success of failure of the venture. A logo needs to have longevity, be memorable, simple while reflecting the time and thought put into the design.

Schedule and Deadline

Set a clear and realistic schedule for the completion of project. Take into account the various stages of the project including consultation, concept development, production and delivery of design.

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