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Defining the Client Process in Logo Design & Development

We’ve discussed the importance of logo design and the need for a professional logo. In order to start a great logo, it’s vital that you organize out your business. So what is the client process, and how does this play a role in the logo design? We outline some great questions for our client’s to answer.

Do you have a Design Brief for your Company?

A design brief is a great way to set the direction of your company. This helps identify your long term goals and sets brand parameters. Likewise, the design brief inspires creativity. Clearly defined objectives allow the logo design process to flow from a creative standpoint and help the company achieve its desire success. When  you create a design brief, try to clarify as much as possible, including the following:

Next: Did you Create a Working Budget?

Set a realistic budget for your logo design and branding project. In setting this budget, keep in mind that the logo design is the premise for your brand, and ultimately the success of failure of the venture. A logo needs to have longevity, be memorable, simple while reflecting the time and thought put into the design. Your logo is your investment in your company.

Finally: What is your Schedule and Deadline?

Set a clear and realistic schedule for the completion of project. Take into account the various stages of the project, which includes consultation, concept development, production and delivery of design.

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