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Beginning your Logo Design

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The Logo Design & Development Process

Step 1 – Start by Requesting a Quote

It’s easy and free to request a design estimate. Start by filling out our brief form at the bottom of this page. We just need a little information to start a conversation: 

Once we receive the email, we send you a pdf of our logo design costs. We offer several different logo packages. We understand that everyone’s budget varies, and this helps you to get a great logo without breaking the bank. The difference in the logo design packages is the number of concepts we design. For clients who have a lower budget, we offer an economical package that varies between 2-3 concepts. For clients who are more flexible and really want to investigate all the possibilities we have a premium logo package that includes up to 9 concepts.

Step 2 – Select a Logo Package

After you review the logo packages, select the best option for your budget and simply let us know how you want to proceed. With clients who are comfortable, we like to have a kickoff phone or sit down meeting when possible. During this time, we able to familiarize ourselves with who you and your company are, as well as your vision for your brand.

Step 3 – Fill Out Our Creative Brief

While the initial meet and greet covers a good deal of creative terrain, we request each client fill out our creative brief. This helps not only us, but also you as well. The questions asked on the creative brief help us clearly outline the following:

In order to initiate any design work, we require a 50% deposit of whichever logo package is selected. This can be paid via cash, check, Venmo, Credit Card or Paypal (if paying with Credit Card or Paypal there is an additional 3.5% finance charge added to the half deposit). At completion of the project, we collect the remainder of the project fee.

Step 4 – Design of the Initial Logo Concepts

After we have discussed the project thoroughly, and have the creative brief and deposit in order, we begin the logo design concepts. This usually takes 1-4 weeks depending on the package selected. If clients need their logo sooner, these concepts can be expedited at an additional rush charge.

All logos are designed initially in black and white. This is essential for future branding and marketing. The logo must be able to appear as one color in certain marketing material (i.e. T-shirt design, newspaper advertisement, faxes, on a pen or pencil, etc). Once designed, the logos are presented in a pdf presentation that show each logo in several formats (large, small, the icon by itself, and the logo reversed out). We go over the thought process behind each concept with our clients and then have you them think them over.

Step 5 – Finalize the Logo Design

Tweaks and changes are included with each logo packages. Often time clients will want to see a logo with a different font pairing, or tweak an icon. Once we have solidified and refined the logo, we introduce color variations. Finally, after we have the refined logo design and the color variation in place, we are ready to call it a day. After you pay the remainder of your logo package, we supply you with the digital logo files. These include .ai, .eps, .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .svg in black, white, and color.

At this point, the copyright is transferred to our clients completely. We only retain the right to showcase within our portfolio. At this point, you are ready to move onto branding, another area we can help you with!

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