The Creative Process
behind Logo Design

Good design is never random. Behind every great design is a careful process that involves understanding, thought and development time. We refer to this as the creative process of the logo design. This stage is crucial in developing a logo that will function properly, being timeless, simple, memorable and functional for your brand. So what does the creative process involve on your end as well as ours?

Logo design is vital to your brand identity

Logo design is the most important part of crafting a strong brand and identity. Having a professional and strong logo is a powerful tool that when successfully implemented creates instant recognition for your business. In short, a logo makes or breaks your brand.
The problem many startup companies face is lack of customers and funds, which results in putting off a logo design, along with branding identity, until profits increase. This causes the opposite effect, the lack of a logo makes initial customers harder to come by and can result in a failed business.

Our logo design process

Creative Brief

Creative Brief

Magnifying Glass



Sketching & Conceptualization

Creative Development

Creative Design & Reflection



Chicken Wing

Refinement & Celebration


Step 1: the creative brief

The first step to the logo design process at Typework Studio is understanding our client’s business needs. The creative brief also helps our client focus on their brand and longevity thereof. Our creative brief addresses questions such as:
  • What is your mission (and vision) of your business?
  • What do you hope to achieve from your business in the next 5-15 years?
  • How do you connect with your customers?
  • How do you promote and generate customer loyalty and repeat business?
  • Who is your targeted demographic group?
  • What brands do you connect with
  • Who is your main competition?
  • What keywords reflect your brand and identity?

Step 2: research

After the creative brief is submitted by our client, research takes place. We research your competition, your target market, understanding your mission and the nature of the business prior to coming up with any design solutions. Questions we answer in the research stage is:  
  • How is your business perceived on a whole by its market?
  • How can the keywords you defined yourself as fit into that market and function as a unique brand among the competition?
  • What is your competition doing and how can we create something stronger based on our the vision of your business?

Step 3: Sketching and Conceptualization

Following the research stage, we begin the sketching and conceptualization stage. Concepts come by way of careful consideration and research of your brand. In this way we can quickly rough out icons that have potential for your brand.
  • Sketches are done with pencil and ink in order to create strong lines
  • Concepts are usually sketched small as the end logo must be able to appear on a small scale and large scale

Step 4: Creative Design and Reflection

After sketching, we thoroughly review what concepts will function for your brand. These are then transferred to the computer and the actual vector logo begins to come to fruition. We design several variations of a concept, along with the font and typography of the end logo. 
  • Logos are designed in illustrator
  • We pick specific fonts that will work with your brand, all of which are not fonts normally found on the computer, your font is representative to your brand and must function for you, rather than make you appear as brand that is limited to computer fonts


Step 5: Presentation

We review all the end designs and again refine down to the concepts that believe will function the best for your brand. The logos are placed into a pdf format and presented to the client, along with explanations of the thought process behind each concept.
  • The logos presented as black and white layouts only, your logo must function in black and white, in the case that the logo needs to be reversed out onto a shirt or pen
  • The logos are presented as one concept to a page, with the logo being represented as large and small, and also reversed out white on black

Step 6: Refinement & Celebration

Once the logos have been presented, we give the client time to thoroughly review the concepts. We suggest cutting the logos out of the presentation pdf and placing around the office or business as they begin to take on different meanings within the context of the environment. Once this has happened, we have another meeting where we go over changes and tweaks. Clients will often like one typeface over another and wish to view this with an icon of preference. The logo is refined down to the final black and white stage, in which we then introduce color schemes. The logo must be finalized prior to color in order to save time and reworking. The end result is something that our clients love, and we then supply the files formats in digital form.
  • Style guides can be designed for clients who are serious about branding, in which we state how the logo is to appear in context to the environment in which it is placed.
  • All logos are delivered as a download for the client in the forms of .ai, .pdf, .eps, .jpg, .png and any other format requested by the client

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