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The Creative Process

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The Creative Process: An Insight into our Logo Design Approach

Good design is never random. Behind every great design is a careful process that involves understanding, thought and development time. We refer to this as the creative process of the logo design. This stage is crucial to develop a logo that will function correctly, being timeless, simple, memorable and functional for your brand. So what does the creative process involve on your end as well as ours?

With each new logo design project, our first step is to define our client’s business. After we answer important questions through the client process, we provide our clients with the creative brief. This is essential in the creative process of logo design.

The Creative Brief: The First Step in Logo Design

As we work to understand our client’s business needs and goals, the creative brief helps answer important questions.  We offer our creative brief as a simple pdf that asks several questions:

Next: Research and Development

Once our client completes the creative brief, we move into research and development phase. Because the logo must be unique, timeless and original, research is essential to ensure this. For example, we research your competition, your target market, understand your mission and the nature of your business. This is done prior to any design solutions. Specifically,  the research process will answer questions like:

Once we have done the research, we begin the actual logo sketch process. Consequently, the research and development phase is essential in the design process and the formation of the sketches.

Moving into the Logo Sketch and Conceptualization

Once we define your business and target clearly, the creative work takes place. Specifically, we begin to sketch and conceptualize your logo. These concepts come by way of careful consideration and research of your brand. As we sketch, we can quickly rough out icons that have potential for your brand. Some features of the sketch include:

The Creative Design and Concept Reflection

After we have done many sketches, we review what concepts will function for your brand.  From the ideas we select, we transfer these to the computer and the actual vector logo begins to evolve. Along with the font and typography, we design several variations of a logo concept.

The Logo Presentation

Before we move into the logo presentation, we review the end designs.  We narrow the concepts down to the ideas that we believe will function the best for your brand. Finally, we present the logos in a pdf format to the client. In addition to the logo presentation, we explain the thought process behind each concept.

Finally:  Logo Refinement & Celebration

Once we present the logos, we give the client time to process the concepts. Often we suggest the client cut out the logos and place them around the office or business.  The logo concepts will look different within the context of the environment. After there has been time to process, we meet again to go over thoughts, changes and tweaks. Occasionally clients often like one typeface over another and wish to view this with the icon they prefer. After we refine the logo within the black and white stage, we begin to finalize the concept. Specifically, we introduce color schemes. Color begins only on a final logo concept.  This is essential to save time and rework. As a result to this process, our end result is a logo concept that our clients love.  Additionally, at the end of the logo design process we:

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If you are a startup business, existing business or individual in need of logo design  or brand identity development, please contact our NY Branding and Design Agency at 716.320.0010. Our logo design and branding agency is based in Buffalo NY, however we work with clients all over the world. We would love to partner with you on your next brand project!


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