The Importance of Good Logo Design within Brand Identity Development

The first challenge with a new brand identity is logo development. Many (most) people struggle with understanding what a logo is, and what a logo is not. Behind a successful and strong brand there is a clear communication of what a logo is, and what a logo should be. We can define a logo as a symbol or a design that will identify an individual or organization’s products or services.

The logo in a brand identity is the graphical element (icon) or emblem for businesses, individuals, organizations and corporations and symbolizes who they are. A good logo helps to create an instant recognition of the business to the public. Logos are designed to represent a company’s brand and foster immediate customer recognition, and should only be designed once.

Is my logo bad?

Our focus of this page is to inform our clients about logo design and offer a solid foundation of knowledge of what makes a good logo. So what makes a bad logo? We find the clearest definition for a bad logo it to describe what a logo is not. First, a logo is not a photograph or stock clip art. Many startup companies and executives will “feel” the best, cost effective route to their logo is a photograph accompanied with text (note – system fonts only here) or clip art. A good logo has a vector format to allow for scaling up to fit a billboard or decreasing to fit on a company pen without losing quality. Photographs and clip art cannot be increased or decreased without a great loss of quality. The end result of these is an unpolished and unprofessional brand.

Next, a bad logo will try to communicate an entire story. Many companies feel that their logo should visually communicate who and what they do. Your logo is not your brand identity. Instead, it is a vital element in the branding process. A good logo will be simple, which helps to create a memorable icon. How you brand your company determines the success or failure of the company, not trying to cram all elements into a single design.

Why have a good logo?

In this world, image is everything. Society thrives on image; we buy based on image, trust based on image and live based on image. A huge mistake of startup businesses is putting logo design to the side, with the hope of building a better image when (and if) they get clients and profit / revenue increases. An unprofessional logo creates an inefficient and sloppy business image. It’s true that the mass public does not have a critical “design eye,” however most can generally determine a professional from an unprofessional business.

A good logo accompanied with proper branding and marketing strategies determines the success or failure of the company. A good logo will speak volumes, and inform their target market that they are legitimate and credible. A poor logo does the opposite; it lends to skepticism and eliminates trust. Businesses without a professional logo are invisible, and pass on the vital opportunity to communicate credibility and memorability.

No, Watson, this was not done by accident, but by design.


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