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At Typework Studio Branding and Design Agency, we design and develop websites with an intent on making our clients appear professional, but we also realize the importance of search engine optimization and being found by major search engines. In developing websites we design and develop keeping the user and search engines in mind. Questions we ask our clients in regard to their content include:

  • Content – is your content interesting to read, yet still informing people while being descriptive in an easy to read manner?
  • Is your content well written, i.e. grammatically correct without spelling errors?
  • Do you make use of title tags on all of your pages?
  • Is there a relevant meta description for each page?
  • Are your URLS short and friendly, not long and jumbled?
  • Do you have proper keywords in place in your content?
  • Are you using the appropriate headline tags, i.e. only one  H1, H2 tags and using H3, H4, H5 tags appropriately? And are they in hierarchy?
  • Do your images have alt tags for visual impairment?

SEO Practices in Web Design

In developing web sites, whether it is a CMS system or e-commerce shopping cart, we make sure that your site is properly optimized prior to launch so you can rank well. Our SEO practices include:

  • We ensure images alt tags are in place, title tags and meta descriptions are in place, and that you have access to rewrite these and update when necessary
  • The web content makes use of relevant keyword phrases while being helpful and friendly and free of spelling errors
  • In terms of a prior website, its important 301 quick redirects are in place so that your old pages do not go to a 404 not found page. We create helpful 404 pages, so if by accident someone does land on a nonexistent page, they can easily start navigating your site.
  • We install google analytics so you can monitor and track your web clicks, find out what type of browsers people are using, information on mobile traffic, etc
  • Sitemaps are in place for proper indexing by web crawlers
  • No flash is used within the design so as to be viewed by all types of devices to keep the bounce rate low



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