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We are a creative branding and design agency in Buffalo, NY, who work to diligently craft beautiful brand identities. Our design clients range from sole proprietorships & small businesses to mid and large sized businesses and corporations.

About Us

Since 2008, our branding and design agency has striven for excellence in the design and development of beautiful, timeless brands.

Our design studio’s strength is the creative art direction of brand identities. The clients at our design company include new and pre-existing companies. We define our work to be an obsession with strong ideas and typography, in addition to the belief in the power of great design. Because we believe great design to be vital in brand communication, we enjoy long term collaborative and creative relationships with our clients. Through logo design, brand development through print media, web design and product photography, we carefully craft unique and beautiful brands. Our high standard of design, coupled with a deep understanding of our clients, results in a timeless and beautiful brand. Discover more about our design services.

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With every design solutions & brand identity we create, we maintain a standard of excellence that we hold ourselves accountable to. This includes…


As detail oriented designers, we believe our strongest brands are the ones that we design with great thought and reasoning behind typography, imagery, color scheme and consistency. We believe that the strength of every great design lies in the details of the brand identity.


We believe that another key strength is integrity with ourselves and our brands. As technology grows faster every day and new businesses emerge, we believe that a brand must deliver a lasting and timeless message. A lasting foundation built on integrity is what we strive for in every brand.


Creative brands are the ones that stick out. Brands that are different and not afraid to jump ahead of their competition. We strive to create creative design solutions while still delivering the key message to the target audience.


We design beautiful brands, beginning with the logo right down to the nitty gritty details of CSS within web design and development. We believe every brand can and should be beautiful.


In addition to creativity and beauty, we believe simplicity is a key component to a successful design solution. In the words of 1970 US Navy aircraft engineer Kelly Johnson, we believe its better to “keep it simple, stupid” or the KISS theory.

Truth and Respect

Every endeavor is a partnership. We believe in telling our clients the truth and treating their ideas with respect. We believe honesty is the best policy in delivering a strong brand.

Working with us

We believe in the value of people, their companies and their brands. We believe each project we take on has worth and something to offer. We offer different pricing options to best work within your budget. A full range of branding and design options are presented, and narrowed down to fit with our client’s working budget. Please don’t hesitate to call and talk to someone about beginning your new brand or design project. We are always interested in new creative projects and brands, and strive to work faithfully for our clients. You can learn more about the design process by visiting our working with us page.

Good ideas rarely come in bunches. The designer who voluntarily presents his client with a batch of layouts does so not out prolificacy, but out of uncertainty or fear.
– Paul Rand

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