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We are a Buffalo, NY logo design agency who provide creative and professional logo design for new or existing brands. Our goal with each design project is the creation of a strong and successful logo through simplicity, minimalism, uniqueness and solid typography.  As we keep these ideals in the forefront of each project, the results are beautiful & timeless logos which serve as the foundation for great brands.

With every logo project, we work with our clients to understand their goal and mission. We believe through clear communication we can design logos that are functional, simple, memorable and timeless. We endeavor to provide our clients with the strongest logo solution, while at the same time educating our clients in the power of a great logo and how it can strengthen the success of their brand.

Logo Design & Working With Us

Beginning the Logo Design Process

Beginning your
Logo Design

Your company needs a great logo and choosing the right design agency is important for your success. Discover what you can expect when we work together on your logo.

Begin your logo design
Beginning the Logo Design Process
Good Logo Design Vs Bad Logo Design

Good Vs Bad Logo Design

Is your logo really that important? The answer is yes. Discover the difference between good and bad logo design.

Discover Good Logo Design
Working With Typework Studio in Logo Design

The Creative Process
in Logo Design

For clients who are new to logo design and the creative process, we offer an overview of our process and what you can expect in the logo design process.

The Logo Design Process
Working With Typework Studio in Logo Design
Brand your Logo

Branding your New Logo

Your logo design is the foundation for your brand, and how you brand your logo is key to your company's growth. We offer helpful tips in branding your logo in a competitive economy.

Branding your logo

Committed to diligence and excellence in every design project.

Logo Design Work

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Why do you need a professional logo design to represent your brand?

The logo design of a brand is a critical element to its success. Your logo is a powerful visual tool that creates instant recognition for your business/brand. Essentially, it can make or break your brand. With the proper brand strategy, your logo design should function as a visual aid that sets you apart from your competitors.

New companies and businesses often feel (note – key word here is “feel”) that their initial lack of customers and limited funds is a justifiable reason to not invest in a custom logo. It is a task that is neglected until revenue increases. These startups turn to non professional avenues, such as online do-it-yourself interfaces, logo design crowd sourcing websites, purchasing cheap logo templates or simply trying to use a desktop font with an graphic as a logo solution. The results of these means can be devastating to a new brand. The failure to have a properly designed logo makes branding the new company very difficult. Moreover, a poorly designed logo conveys lack of credibility, and makes it harder for initial customers to place their trust in what you offer.

What are the features of a strong, professional logo?

The primary purpose your logo serves is the visual identifier of your company/brand. Investing in a well designed custom logo will help you position your company/brand as a leader among a multitude of poor logo designs. The best logo design solutions will incorporate these important features:

Learn more about Good logo design


Working with us for your professional logo design

The first step of the logo design process at Typework Studio is to understand our clients’ needs and goals. Before any creative work takes place, we clarify your vision through questions like:

With answers to these questions, the creative work takes place. First, we design several unique logo solutions in black and white which we present to the client as a PDF. After reviewal and discussion, the client selects a concept, and we work to refine the design of this logo.  After we perfect the final black and white logo, we introduce color variations. At the conclusion of the logo design process, we provide the client with high res files of the logo including EPS, JPG, TIFF, PNG and any other files they may request.

The Logo Design Process

Request a professional logo design quote

Are you in the search for a professional logo design for your company/brand?  Contact our design office in Buffalo, NY by calling (716) 320-0010, emailing us at [email protected]  or use the form below.

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