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What is logo design?

The word logo is derived from the Greek word logos, which translated means “word.” A logo is a graphical symbol or design that is used by an organization to identify its products or services. Logo Design is the graphical design process of the logo for a company or individual.

How can a professionally designed logo help you?

Two guys walk into a store (we promise this isn’t the start of a joke) with the hopes of getting their new product sold in the store. Both set down their business cards, nearly identical in design but have different logos. One is a simple yet professionally designed icon, the other is a complicated image obtained from a crowdsourcing website. The owner looks at the cards, and says to the man with the simple icon, “Let’s talk.” Neither man said a word. What happened here? The logos spoke. And the owner made his decision based on unspoken communication.

Obviously this is a hypothetical situation, but the reaction of the business owner is true to form. Your logo is the first step to brand communication. And how your logo looks and speaks is key to how your customers will perceive and engage with you. So how do you get your logo to speak to your customers?

What are the characteristics of a successful logo?

Simple in Design

A well-designed logo will keep simplicity in the foreground. Over complication of design elements will take longer for your customers to process and remember.

Minimal in Design

People often confuse simplicity and minimalism. Your logo should be simple, but it should also be minimal. Minimalism is using the simplest and fewest elements within design to create the maximum effect. The benefit to a minimal logo? It will be memorable,  our next point.

Memorable in Design

A great logo will be memorable, because of simplicity, minimalism, and uniqueness. A great logo will have a visual polish that will be captivating in form, yielding memorableness.

Innovative and Unique

Good logo design has innovation and creativity as the heart and soul of the design. A good logo will analyze its competition and do something different and unique to stand out while having meaning. Think Starbuck’s Mermaid or Chevrolet Bowtie. Both are unique, while both have meaning.


A great test for good logo design is the versatility evaluation. Can your logo function on a large and small scale? Can it function as one color and still remain unique, readable and memorable? If it can, you’ve passed the test.

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