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Why is your web design important within your brand identity?

Brand identities become successful as they exercise good design and consistency throughout the brand. This extends to the brand’s web design. The world wide web is a critical tool to market your brand, and how your web site looks in terms of design, functions, and is found is crucial. Your web site determines if your target market will invest in you or your competition. Because of this, there are several things that your web site must do. It must quickly communicate your who you are, what you do and a call to action to connect with your company. Similarly, it must good and function in terms of usability. How it responds with tablets and mobile devices is equally important. And finally, it must have good SEO to be found on google and other major search engines.

What are the benefits to professional web design?

As designers, we believe that your brand should reflect a consistent dedication to excellence throughout, and this extends to your brand’s web site. The internet is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach your target market all over.  Your online brand presence is essential to the success of your company. How your web site looks, performs and drives traffic is vital. Not only should your web site look good in terms of design, but also usability is critical. To top this off your site must be responsive in design to display properly on tablets and phones while being found on google and other major search engines. And, your site’s web design will determine ultimately if your target market will invest in you or your competition. We are here for you to help deliver the best possible web experience to your customers.

Is there a difference between professional web design and making a website yourself?

The answer is YES. In this day and age, free website builders are a dime a dozen. It’s virtually possible for anyone with internet access to have a website. You can quickly build a website for free, but many clients come across hurdles as they attempt to save by building it themselves. This leads us to address the benefits of professional website design versus a free website builder.

  • Professional Web Design yields a professional brand image
    Surf through a variety of free templates and they always look great. And installation seems super easy. Now its time to edit your home page and that great looking image is replaced with your iPhone photo. For some reason, it just doesn’t have that same wow factor. Photo replacement on a great theme does not yield the same impressiveness as a professionally designed web site. With professional web design, all graphics and typography are carefully considered to work with your brand, not around a template.
  • Present a unique look and feel that works seamlessly with your brand image – With free website builders, you run the risk of having the same look and feel as your competition. Professional web design ensures that you won’t run into this problem.
  • Save time with professional web design– So you built your free website and are ready to launch and now need to collect inquiries with a form. How do you add an extra field? How do you modify the HTML email response? Struggling with coding issues can eat up valuable business time and lead to frustration. With professional web design you can leave this to your professional web designer.
  • Better Speed and Performance– You can host your website for free at your free website builder. But at the same time, so can everyone else. Most likely you are on a shared server sharing vital web resources eating up server time and making your website function slow. With professional web design, we help you get the right server for the right cost, while ensuring everything runs quickly.
  • Get Proper SEO strategies– We’re not all born SEO experts. You have your free website launched, but you realize your site is not getting found. Most likely you do not have a proper SEO strategy in place. Working with a professional team will ensure your website is built around proper SEO strategies and gets better ranking.
  • Customer Support– For the non-web expert, problems may arise on your site that you are not technologically equipped to handle. Customer support at free website builders can be helpful but may not be able to assist you to fix your issue if its a problem with code. When you work with a professional design, you get great customer support as your developer works through the trouble shooting issues.

How can web design help strengthen brand identity?

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