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About Typework Studio Web Design Agency

Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.
-Brian Reed


Two words that speak of what people long for, yet in this rising age are becoming increasingly hard to find. If you are truly passionate about your brand and how your target market will see you, these are two words that you know that you not only want to define you, but MUST define your brand. These two words will set you on the edge of your industry, and make your competition rethink their own strategies. This is what our design agency strives to give our clients, and we do not fall short of this in regard to our practice of web design and development.

If you are truly working for a successful brand, your realize the potential of these words in all areas of your brand identity, web design included. As the world wide web is becoming a major marketing tool, how your web site appears to your target market is going to be a deal closer as to whether they are going to invest in your or your competition. Your website has to not only communicate quickly your brand and what your do, but also look good, function in terms of usability, flex with tablets and mobile devices, AND be found on google and other major search engines.

Web Design Services We Offer

  • Design and Development – A feature that sets our web design agency apart from others is that we offer both the creative design and development (coding) of the website
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS Web Design)-It is important for our clients to be able to manage their websites, adding content and news when needed, and every website is designed around a CMS system. Our primary CMS is WordPress, however we have experience with other OS CMS system.
  • Ecommerce Design– For clients that want to sell online, we offer ecommerce design and development. We have experience with different carts, including Shopify, BigCommerce, Miva Merchant and Woo-commerce and can design a skin for your online store. We also have an in-house photo studio for creative and product photography.
  • Blog Design – We offer blog design and development,as part of our CMS design and development. We help with the design and development as well as advertising features
  • Responsive Design– Your website must be able to be read on tablets and mobile devices. We offer mobile responsive design to help your website keep up with technology
  • Mobile Application Skinning
  • SEO Strategies
  • Web Marketing and HTML Emailers

We aren’t designing photocopies of web pages,
we’re designing web pages
– Andy Clarke

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Brand Design Services

Identity / Logo

We design strong and unique logo solutions that establish our brands as leaders in their industry

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We unify brand identities with the graphic design of printed materials for strong marketing campaigns

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We strengthen brand presence through the design and development of unique web sites and mobile solutions

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We develop solid visual brand identities with the provision of studio and product photography

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