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Tradeshow Graphic Design for Brands

How can tradeshows help your brand?

As a new or existing business, whether retail or wholesale, trade shows are a great avenue promote your brand. In addition, they are good ways to network and conduct market research about your customers and competition. Some reasons to participate in trade shows include:

  • Increase your brand awareness on a large scale
    – Tradeshows allow you to promote your brand and image to a large amount of potential clients at one time.
  • Discover your competition
    – At a trade show, you can meet your competition and view the market strategies they implement.
  • Get new marketing ideas
    – Generate new ideas for your business and market campaign from seeing what others are doing.
  • Obtain market knowledge
    – Gain education on your industry and who and what your target market is in search of.
  • A Network Tool
    – Network and form new potential business relationships at tradeshows, which can lead to new business.
  • Answer questions
    – Quickly answer questions in person which can create new business relationships.

What makes successful tradeshow graphics?

If your brand decides to participate in a trade show, there are some considerations to keep in mind. When you put your brand on display with large scale graphics, communication of your brand to your audience is key. What makes for successful tradeshow graphics?

  • Add your logo– Let your audience know who you are with your logo. Although  vital for brand communication, be conservative with your logo. Your logo should not be the largest part of the display. While it should be visible, it does not need to scream at your audience. Picture it like this  – would you scream your name at someone as an introduction? Be subtle and put the emphasis on the creative design behind the graphic.
  • Simplicity in Design– Keep the graphic clean, clear and to the point. The human brain is built to appreciate order and simplicity. Trade show graphics that overwhelm will confuse people and leave a negative impression.
  • Include a Brand Statement– every brand should have a brand statement. This is  a simple phrase that sums up who and what you do quickly and clearly. Your brand statement should be well thought out. Specifically, it should speak to who and what you do. In the end, it should be on the trade show graphics in conjunction with your logo.
  • Functional within your Space – Prior to the design of your trade show graphics, investigate your space. Find out all the specifications. As an example, trade show graphics will have booths or tables in front of them. Does yours have this? All of this information is important to create a successful graphic. You need to ensure that your trade show set up works effectively with the clear brand communication to your target market.

What are the different types of tradeshow graphics?

Depending on what type of tradeshow you decide to participate in, there are a variety of ways you can promote your brand. These can range from budget friendly to more costly to produce. Some display graphics include but are not limited to: 

  • Tabletop Displays
    – Some trade shows give you a table, or you may have to bring your own. Tabletop displays are poster like graphics mounted on foam board or framed and sit on the table. These include information about who you are, they can include your brand’s story or any other important information you want people to know about.
  • Banner Design
    – If you have a table at your trade show, banners are cost effective way of making a statement while staying in budget. These can be hung in front of the table or behind where your team stands. These banners can include your logo and great design that generates interest and brings visitors over to engage with you. 
  • Popup Display
    – Also more affordable, popup displays are graphical walls or murals that can help you stand out and communicate your message. These work on a frame system which are easily installed and the graphic mounted on the frame. Shelves, lights and monitors can be attached at additional cost.
  • Banner Stands
  • Hybrid Displays

Do you need help with tradeshow design?

As designers who design and develop brand identities, we offer trade show graphic design for brand development. While we offer design that is cohesive and consistent with your brand, we are not limited to this only. Likewise, we also design large scale graphics for the workplace or kiosk designs or banners for exhibits. We require exact specifications for the graphic in relation to the tradeshow stand or space that the graphic is to be fitted in. Another key factor is the deadline for the graphic. We can work with your print house to get them the correct specifications. If you are in need of a print company we have several notable print sources who produce excellent quality while work within your brand budget.

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