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Brand your Logo in a Competitive Economy: Successful Brand Development Methods

One thing we clarify to our clients is – your logo is NOT your brand. Instead, it is the method to help your brand gain instant recognition by your target market. How you brand your logo helps to create and reinforce brand awareness. So how exactly do you brand your logo successfully in today’s economy?

Consistency is Key

A successful brand will be consistent as it brands the logo.  From letterhead and stationery to the web to corporate signage, the logo creates the uniformity between all these key brand medias. While you develop your brand, keep in mind that a professional business image will maintain consistency throughout the brand through design details. Maintain your brand harmony with the use of color, fonts, typography, theme and imagery. A successful ad campaign will have a strong sense of brand consistency in the identity. Ultimately, consistency will force the brand identity to work together as a family. As a result, this harmony will give your brand credibility and relevance.

Brand with a Promise and Stick to that Promise

Behind every strong brand is a strong brand statement. This is a statement that expresses the benefit of your company’s products or services. In effect, your brand statement evolves from careful market research of your audience’s desire or need. As you form your brand statement, be specific. Specifically, your brand statement should be short and memorable, while meaningful. Once you form your brand statement, make sure your products and services live up to that promise. Finally, use the brand statement in conjunction with your logo design with your brand identity.

Create a Positive Emotional Response with your Brand

A good brand will evoke a positive emotional response from its target market. How you create a positive emotional association between your target market and brand determines your success. Realize that this positive association is not built overnight. Instead it is built over time through the use of consistency within the brand and good customer service. Whenever possible, never skimp on the brand image or take shortcuts. A good brand will reflect an owner who believes in the services and producst they offer. All of these factors help to develop a customer relationship built on trust and credibility between your target market and brand.

Ways to Brand Your Logo

At Typework Studio, we work with all business models to help with the development of creative and professional brand identities. Our NY branding & design agency offers the following in addition to logo design:

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