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What is a CMS website?

The word “CMS” is a term that stands for Content Management System. Content Management System are websites that are developed around a dynamic framework with a backend administration. This allows the website owner to login and manage the content on their site from any location via a web browser. CMS websites are great solutions for the brand who frequently updates their site with news items, new products and services, or upcoming events.

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What are the benefits to having a CMS Website?

There are several perks to having a CMS website. Some of these include:

  • Time efficiency – Content Management Systems give clients the ability to update news and content quickly.
  • Flexible Growth – Similarly, a good CMS will allow the website to grow without a major overhaul. With CMS web sites, plugins and modules can be added on the fly for additional website functionality.
  • Ease of use – CMS Web Sites are easy to use with little knowledge of HTML code. Because of this, they offer quick and easy dynamic page management.
  • Security – Content Management Systems are more secure than the typical HTML website. All content and information is housed within a database.
  • Highly Customizable – a Content Management System is very scalable through the use of CSS, modules and plugins. All information is stored in a database that the administrator downloads quickly.
  • Search Engine Friendly – CMS Web Sites are found by google and other search engines.

Is having a professional CMS website cost affordable?

Content Management Systems can range from low to high in regard to cost. Some web companies invest in building their own CMS and only offer these to clients. Because of maintenance and updates costs can skyrocket.

We offer WordPress as our Content Management System for customers. WordPress is and open-source application that is free to use and can be run on almost any server using PHP and MYSQL. With over 40% of the web using WordPress, it has a great team of developers who stand behind the software and regularly work to improve the system. Originally built as a blogging platform, WordPress has evolved into robust Content Management System with a vast library of plugins that allow clients to build out a robust and impressive website.

How can CMS website help your brand's online presence?

As we stated, a great benefit to a CMS/Wordpress website is scaleability. CMS websites can start out simple and grow to offer a variety of features via plugins that help your business generate revenue. Some features include, but are not limited to:

  • E-commerce
    – Sell your products, track inventory, manage coupons, accept credit cards on your website
  • Store Locators
    – Add zipcode locators to your website with generated google maps
  • Blogs + News
    – Manage all your blog posts and news with posts and categories
  • Event Management
    – Add events, sell tickets, accept registrations with event management functionality
  • Social Media
    – Tweet or post your news or blog post to your social media avenues automatically every time you publish a post
  • Online Portfolios
    – Showcase custom project portfolios with image galleries
  • Memberships
    – Accept memberships, hide and reveal content based on user privileges
  • Donations
    – Accept charitable donations on your website
  • SEO
    – Manage your title tags and descriptions from the backend administration
  • Directories
    – Add directories to your website
  • Download Managers
    – Manage media internally that can be downloaded by your customers
  • Forms
    – Collect HTML Form Inquiries and HTML Form Responses

How can we help you with CMS web design?

The main focus of our Buffalo, NY branding & web design agency is the development of strong brands. Our belief is that at the heart of every strong brand is the attention to detail. With each CMS web site we design & develop, we pay close attention to design craft and typography. Likewise, we ensure that the front and back end are user friendly to the visitor and the administrator. Ultimately, our CMS web design service provides our clients with a strong and beautiful online brand presence that rises above the competition.

Integrity to Web Standards

In addition to functionality, we pay close attention to web standards within CMS web design. These include:

  • WC3 Web standards  – Ensure that the custom brand web skin is built in compliance with WC3 Web standards. This includes web architecture, semantics and accessibility. 
  • GDPR Compliancy – Every website that collects cookies must be GDPR compliant. Our websites are built in compliance to this.
  • Browser testing – We thoroughly test the CMS template on cross browsers prior to the web site launch.
  • Search Engine Ranking – We understand the necessity for sites to rank on all major search engines, specifically Google and Bing. We develop all our websites and the content with this in mind.
  • SEO – Most of all, we include SEO with the CMS web design so that you can be found on search engines.
  • Mobile – In order to rank well, you need to have a mobile site. We offer responsive design to comply with the necessity for the site to be accessible via mobile devices.
  • Security – It’s also essential for sites to have SSLs and proper security in place. We help you install these so you are not penalized for having an insecure site.

All American Made Web Design

All of our design work is done within our Buffalo, NY branding and web design agency. This means that a single web designer will work with you on your new or existing brand from start to finish. We believe in the support of American made products and design and are proud to offer this and do not outsource any of our design work. 

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