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How does catalog design strengthen your brand?

Catalogs, formerly known as mail order catalogs, have been in existence since the 15th century. The first catalog dates back to Venice, 1498, where hand-lettered and hand-bound pamphlets were created to include a list of books available for purchase. With the rise of the printing press in Europe in the 17th century came an increase of mail orders for retail sales. Catalogs made their appearance in the United States in the 19th century. Sears Roebuck and Tiffany were the first companys to invest in catalog design to generate revenue.

Catalog design took off after the World Wars, with the rise of consumerism. Increase of leisure time, growth of industry, and increased wages gave consumers more spending power. And with this came a greater demand for goods, which spurred the popularity of catalogs.

Today, most companies will have a website which features some sort of online catalog. The question therein lies, is catalog design still an essential factor within the brand strategy of a company? The answer is yes. Small to premium brands can still benefit from catalogs as a means to usher customers to their sites for purchasing. Some additional benefits of catalog design include:

  • An increased response rate
    – Studies show that direct mail has an 1- 1.5% response rate opposed to email and banner ads and paid search (.03 – 0.22%), with 65% of consumers of all ages making a purchase as a result of direct mail. 
  • Engage customers of new products and sales
    – While most people will not be checking your site every day for new products and sales, most people do daily check their mail. Direct mail is a great way to engage your customers and get them to visit your store or online store.
  • Reach more people
    – With catalog design, companies have the ability to reach far more people in a single mailing. Unlike email blasts, you don’t have to worry about the catalog going into a junk mail box and gives companies greater exposure.
  • People love having something to hold
    – There’s something personal about mail, and being able to flip through, page back, dog ear corners and enjoy beautiful photography without incessant advertisments and popups everywhere. Your catalog is the chief focus when people read. 
  • Increase brand awareness
    – A great designed catalog helps to solidify your brand when you are true and consistent to your style guide. As you invest in your brand, the result is your customers will invest in you.

How much does catalog design cost?

The cost for catalog design is determined by several variables. These include:

  • How many products you have?
  • How many pages will the catalog have? This is varies based on number of products.
  • Do you have copy ready or do you need help with creative copy?
  • What type of paper will the catalog print on?
  • Do you have high resolution photography or do you need studio photography?
  • Where are you going to print the catalog?

The catalog design process will be easier for you with the answers to the above statements will make . If you need help with brochure and catalog design, our design agency can help with:

  • Overall design and development of the catalog design.  In essence. you  supply us with the products, descriptions and prices and we design it.
  • Creative copyrighting for the catalog design
  • An in house product photography studio for those needing product photography
  • For those in need of a printer, we can request several affordable print houses that deliver excellent print quality
  • Book design – Similar to catalog design, we can help with book design and can typeset your book. We require a digital file of the book in order to provide this.

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