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Show Off your Products: The Benefits of Catalog Design

With the rise of the world wide web and online web galleries that showcase the product line of brands, there are many people who wonder why catalogs are still around. The truth of the matter is that people like catalogs; people still like things that are tactile. With catalogs, there is no need to click back and forth, you can simply turn the page. You can circle things you want, come back to it after a week or two and maybe find something else of interest in it. According to Forbes Magazine, most catalogs are requested via the internet. If people like the site, they are more interested in the product and want to see the catalog.

Catalog design is a great way to showcase your product line in a creative way, and strengthen your brand. However, catalogs usually cost more to create than a brochure design. In the long run, catalogs are much more memorable. Given you have the budget to create a catalog of your product line, the results will definitely pay off.

Catalog Design Services

The cost for catalog design is determined by several factors; this includes how many products, how many pages, is creative copy writing needed, what type of paper is being used, do you have product photography or is this also needed. If you are interesested in catalog design or book design, please contact our Buffalo NY branding & design agency for a quote.

Our Buffalo NY Branding & Design Agency offers the following catalog design services:

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