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What makes great package design?

For a brand, the product package and presentation are everything when you need to monetize your product or service. If your product cannot sell visually by itself alone, most market efforts will be in vain. Not to mention all the additional time and work you will need to invest in to sell your product. How your product visually appeals to your target market will help to sell it. Basically, your product must sell from the retail shelf without any verbal dialogue. So what makes a strong package design?

  • Consistency with Your Brand
    – For a great brand identity, there needs to be consistency. This is the foundation of a solid and well thought out brand. Think of it like the interior of a house. It’s not normal to  mix and match styles of a room unless you are building some sort of fun house. Visually, your brand must has common elements, like  consistency of logo, fonts, color schemes and verbal message. As these unite to flow smoothly, so will your brand. Your package design MUST reflect this first and foremost.
  • Visual Appeal – The product package must attract the buyer no matter where its placed on the shelf. The design of the package must pop off the shelf and make your target buyer reach for the product.
  • Close Attention to Details – In package design, there are certain guidelines to meet. In the case of a beauty product, you may have multi languages that need to be on the package. Additionally, you may need multi language instructions. In any case, all of this information must be included within the overall design or you will have to reprint the piece. Likewise, how can offer a product that visually stimulates yet adheres to all guidelines and evoke a response from the buyer? This is only through close, critical attention to detail within the design. This is why the package design is so important.
  • Functional – The product package must be functional in order to sell. Is the product something that the buyer would like to touch? Is it something the buyer would like to smell? How can you package the product in a way that conserves costs yet still strengthens the overall design of the end product? These are all questions that must be answered prior to the design of the package and require an in length conversation with your designer and printer.
  • Effective Communication – Does the product package design effectively communicate what it sells? For instance, if your target market is men, does the design communicate to men? Does it make a man want to pick up and buy it? Your package design must appeal to the end target market.
  • Innovative – Does the product package reflect innovation? Creativity within the package design and the use of an innovative package will set your product apart from its competition. If you have close competition to your product, using an innovative or new type of package design can put you one step above.
  • Package Medium– What type of material you use within your package design can make or break the sale. As in any area of life, to step it up is always a good thing. Using a slightly better grade of paper, or opt for an area imprinted are all small details that can make that critical sale.

What makes for success in package design?

All of these factors above play a crucial role within a successful product package design. Some other factors to take into account include the design and development time. Additionally, consider the time necessary to research your target market and the production/print time.

Prior to any design work, make sure you have done your market research. Create a budget and have your marketing ideas and concepts clearly defined. If you have a printer, obtain die lines and specs so you can work efficiently with your designer and printer.  All of this helpful for a successful package design process from start to finish. 

Communication is key to success

When you have all the project details in place,  a final factor in a successful package design is good communication with your designer. Some clients are misled that all investment should go into the product rather than the actual design and promotion. As a result, they skimp on the cost of design by a professional designer. The level of skill of your designer is a factor to success of your product in the marketplace. Results of an unskilled designer are immature package design that does not promote your brand. Part of your overall budget for package design should include resources to hire a professional and good designer. A good designer will bring things like visual appeal, clarity and readability through great design to your product. At the same time, their design will effectively communicate the message you are working to deliver to your end market.

Do you need help with professional package design?

Do you have a great product that you want to get out to the world but need professional package design? Our Buffalo NY branding and design agency can help. We offer great package design for variety of brands and industries. Contact us today and our designers will talk through your project and get you a design estimate for your package design. If you need help in the selection of a printer to fit your budget, we can recommend several print houses with excellent quality and affordable pricing.

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