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Why invest in eCommerce Web Design?

In this day and age, it is no longer necessary for a business to have a physical location in order to sell products and goods. With the accessibility of the internet, businesses can now sell their products online through eCommerce web sites. There are benefits to eCommerce web sites, such as cost effectiveness to run and manage. Also, businesses are able to offer their goods throughout the world without the need to have a physical location present.

What makes a successful eCommerce website?

Ecommerce websites exist all over the web.  What will make your online business differ from your competition will be the way you present yourself. Your online web presence must convey your brand image, look great, function well, and offer a smooth and easy checkout. These are critical to successful eCommerce brands. Some things that make a successful eCommerce website include:

  • Strong design and brand credibility – A great eCommerce website will have strong design that maintains consistent branding with the overall brand identity.
  • Appeal to your target market – Knowing and designing a store that targets your market appropriately is key to sales. 
  • Easy navigation and functionality – This means making sure your website is easy for your end shopper to locate your products, easily add them to the cart and purchase on the fly.
  • Security – Creating a website that instills credibility and trust with your user, and enforcing appropriate security is crucial. Your customer will purchase based on the amount of trust in the site.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Your eCommerce website must function and convert sales on all devices.

How do we help clients develop successful eCommerce storefronts?

We guide our clients through the eCommerce web design process in a few ways. First is through the overall brand identity, and the clear communication consistently through web design. Not only is the design important, but the overall functionality. We help to design eCommerce websites that have a professional look and feel with clear navigation and easy checkout process.

Another way we can help is with the installation of shipment processes with USPS, UPS, Fedex. Also, we can help you setup and install your credit card payment processing,  as well as guide your through sales tax situations. We also help our clients manage and maintain inventory on their websites. Finally – we carry our eCommerce web design to the mobile and tablet world through responsive web design.

Some of the functionality we offer with eCommerce web design include but is not limited to:

  • Overall Look and Feel of the Storefront Design
    – This involves the actual design and development of the look and feel on desktops, tablets and devices. We help with custom design and modification of the eCommerce cart to work with your company’s brand image through HTML and CSS design. Unsure about hosting? We help you find cost effective and secure hosting for their eCommerce storefront.
  • Ensure you use the Correct Shopping Cart for your Store’s Needs
    – We help you select the correct shopping cart so that your store will have the appropriate functionality so you can grow into robust and prosperous storefront. We work with a variety of eCommerce carts (Woocommerce, Shopify, Miva Merchant, Weebly).
  • Order Management
    – We can help clients learn how to manage and process orders, send out tracking notifications and cancel orders where needed.
  • Order Confirmations and Email Invoices
    – Trust is an essential part of eCommerce storefronts. Your customer needs to be able to trust the overall shopping process. Clear order confirmations and email invoices help you maintain the trust and credibility you need. We can help with this.
  • SSLs installation
    – In order to process credit cards securely, a website requires an SSL. This secures the site so that people can safely submit confidential information and protects against attacks. We help install SSLs on eCommerce sites.
  • Product Photography
    – A essential factor to successfully sales online is how your products look. Good lighting along with crisp photography will sell your product. We offer and in-house studio if you need great product photography.
  • Inventory Management
    – For clients who need to manage their inventory, we help set up eCommerce solutions that can manually track inventory and alert you of products low in stock.
  • Wishlists/Save for Later
    – Keep customers interested in your products through wishlists, and save for laters. These help keep their products of interest in the forefront on repeat visits, which can convert to sales.
  • Gift Certificates
    – A great way to drive sales is to offer gift certificates. If your customer loves your site, they can purchase gift certificates for friends. The end result is more clicks and more sales.
  • Social Media Integration
    – Let customers easily share your products through social media integration on all necessary social channels.
  • Search Engine Optimization
    – We can help provide SEO for your eCommerce website. This integration is crucial so your online store can be found on the web.
  • Web Management & Support
    – At the completion of your storefront, we guide clients through step by step maintenance of their eCommerce store. We are available to offer support where and help you need.

If you need help with eCommerce web design,  please contact us to see how we can partner together. Call 716.320.0010 or email us at [email protected]. We’d love to talk and help make your eCommerce web site a leading seller on the web.

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