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A successful brand must have a sharp image. In order to have a successful brand, the visual imagery that you use in your brand will set you above or below your competition. With the rise of digital media and technology, society is now brand aware, and can spot a poorly developed brand.  Sites such as Pinterest and Etsy deliver beautiful images in a split second and online shoppers and users are visually aware of what sells and what does not. So how do can you bring your brand up to this level? This is where we help.

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Product Photography for Brand Identity

We believe in the power of a good brand. A great brand must have a strong and simple logo, but also excellent typography and visual imagery. Because of this, we offer product photography as a key service to help our clients deliver a great brand experience to their customers. A wise brand will take the time and effort to introduce creative and unique product photography. The results of this investment are numerous. Some benefits include a rise above your competition with unique photography imagery. Additionally, strong product photography will create a desire for the product with your target audience. Above all else, you will generate confidence and trust in your brand by your customers.

There are several features of successful product photography in a strong brand. Proper lighting is important for beautiful imagery. Likewise, high resolution is necessary for a crisp image on high resolution monitors and phones, as well as for print material. Something else clients do not consider is the design composition of the image. Can it be used well on the web and in print? Is there space for typography, but also creative in composition to attract the eye? These are all questions we address with product photography for the brand identities we work with.

Working With Us

Typework Studio is a NY Branding and Design Agency  that offers an in-house photography studio with full set up for product photography. In terms of cost, we offer half day and full day rates. On completion of the photo shoot, we supply clients with JPGs (industry standard). However we will supply RAW files upon request. Our half day and full rates include photo retouching. We add an additional rate for photo silhouetting, where the product stands alone on a clear or white background.

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