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Brochure Design for Brand Identities

Brochure Design
for Brand Identities

How can brochure design strengthen your brand?

Brochure design can help strengthen your brand in a variety of ways. A brochure can hold lots of information, be distributed easily, strengthen your brand’s credibility, while being cost effective. They can range from bifold, to trifold, to multi-pages based on the amount of information you need to communicate. Likewise, brochures are helpful in that they can be placed strategically in a wide variety of places, which helps you get more visibility. Plus, brochures are very helpful in situations where time is limited with a potential customer. With a brochure, they can take it away and read at their leisure. Brochure Design is an essential and effective communication tool for several reasons:

  • It’s a quick and effective way to introduce your company or group
  • Communicate credibility and trust about your brand
  • Answer frequent questions that may come up in regards to your brand
  • Relay contact information if they are interested in contacting you later
  • Render a specific call to action to the reader
  • Serve to create an emotional response to your company and group via content and imagery
  • Help you stand out from your competitors
  • Perform as a reminder of your brand as the brochures sits on the reader’s desk or elsewhere
  • Strengthen your brand identity through consistency of design

How do you make a great brochure that yields success?

as with anything, in order for your brochure to achieve it’s success with your customer, it should have a strong design. What makes for great brochure design?

  • Good organization – A great brochure will have well organized content. With brochures that need to contain a lot of information, the information will have strategic organization so that the brochure reads intelligently.
  • Clear readability – Good brochure design must not only have great organization, but be readable. How long are your paragraphs? What is your font size? Do you offer the appropriate margins that your reader is able to easily read your content? These are all key to great brochure design.
  • A correct target audience – Every business has a target audience, i.e. – the people with whom your brand will reach. With this in mind, a good brochure design is the positive way to communicate, reach and evoke a response from your target audience.
  • Well written content – A good brochure generates interest with well written content, will address key points, questions and answers in a clear and concise manner.
  • Simplicity – Remember the KISS principle ( Keep it simple stupid ). A good brochure will be simple yet clear. It will avoid too much content and stick to the key points. Business owners often feel brands that stress points over and over again will remain in the readers mind. Avoid redundancy and focus more on what you have to say that will create that sale.
  • Stay consistent with your brand – Make sure you stay within your brand guidelines. Show your logo, maintain fonts consistent in other areas of your brand, and use colors from your style guide.
  • Creativity – What better way to stand out from your competitors other than having a creative brochure. Provided you have the ability within your budget, a brochure that goes above and beyond the standard 8.5×11 trifold will help you make that sale. Think unique sizes, business card cuts, rounded corners, paper texture, pantone colors, embossed text or letterpress. These are all great ways to stand out in a classy fashion and sell your brand image.
  • Focus on design and maintain a grid system to communicate information – While organization and readability are important, design is paramount to successful brochure design. Do your headlines and paragraphs float all over the page, or do you maintain a grid system for better and cohesive reading? 
  • Have professional graphics and images – Does your brochure use unique images and graphics to communicate your message? Clear, high resolution images and vector graphics will yield a great brochure design.

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