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What is brand development?

Brand development, also known as brand identity, is the way a company presents itself stylistically to its target market. It combines logo design, typography, colors, and graphics to communicate your brand’s message. In addition, brand development is made up of business card design, letterhead and envelope design, brochure design, catalog design, tradeshow graphics, packaging design, web design and more.

Why is brand identity important?

The first impression is everything. And this is true for your company’s brand image. How a brand appears visually and graphically to potential customers contributes to your brand’s success. 

Typework Studio is a Buffalo, NY branding and design agency who offer print /graphic design services to give you a professional brand image. Our designers create great brand experiences that resonate with your customers.

As we partner with new startups, businesses, and individuals, we work diligently to convey your brand’s goal and vision. We strive to effectively communicate your brand’s message through great graphic design and typography. With these as the foundation of our brands, we design solid and timeless brands that stand the test of time.

What makes a great brand experience?


At the heart of great brand development is simplicity. Strong brand identities emphasize simplicity in design to communicate their message clearly. For a timeless brand, your brand identity does not need to be complicated within it’s design and marketing material. Rather, your product/service is highlighted and strengthened through a simple and minimalistic design approach. 


A great brand maintains consistency throughout all avenues of the brand. Font faces, font sizes, colors, logo and graphics are used consistently across all marketing channels (Business cards, brochures, catalogs, and website). Likewise, consistency within your brand’s design will yield credibility with your customers.

Innovative & Unique

Does your brand  stand out among your competitors? A brand that is unique and creative will resonate with your customers. Great creative design elements and typography always generate great responses.

 Visual Appeal

Lastly, how do your customers perceive your brand? Does your brand appeal to your customers through design elements?  Great brand development uses shapes, colors, images, fonts, visual balance and white space to communicate visual appeal. 

How do we create great brands?

Brand Identity

Start your brand off on the right foot with a business card, letterhead and stationery design package. Begin your Brand Identity

Brochure / Catalog Design

Brochure and Catalog Design are great way to impress your customers. Let us help you design a great printed brochure or catalog. Brochure/Catalog Design

Package Design

Let us help your product jump off the shelf with great package design.
Discover Package Design

Tradeshow / Large Graphic Design

Create an impression with tradeshow graphics or signage that stands out amidst the crowd. We can help you with a wide range of large scale designs for your business. Tradeshow Graphics

Brand Development Work

View Print | Graphic Design Work

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