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How can brand identity help your company?

Brand identity is the way your business communicates visually to your customers and clients. In essence, it’s a silent communicator that, through design, instills trust, credibility, integrity, and reliability in your product or services. Having a well designed brand puts you in the lead of your competition and makes your customers quick to engage.

What are the basic elements of brand identity?

While brand identity refers to how your customers perceive your company on a whole, there are a few foundational elements that can help start a strong brand. These include, but are not limited to:

Logo Design

At the heart of every strong brand is a strong logo. Great logos are simplistic and memorable, and have a timelessness that can survive decades and time. On this page we are focusing on the print strategies of brand identity, to learn more about logo design click the link below.

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Business Card Design

Business card design is a cost effective way for you to help your customers get to know and remember you. Dating back to China and the 15th century, business cards were originally called “Visiting Cards.” The purpose of the card was to describe how important and awesome the person was. The cards were used to request meetings or extend invitations. By the 17th century, elite Europeans built upon the trend and renamed “Trade Cards.” Used by aristocrats to announce important arrivals, trade cards were typically printed on both sides and flourished with gold or silver printing and engraved or embossed. Today, business cards have replaced trade cards, but serve a similar purpose. Business cards typically consist of your logo and contact information in a well designed fashion. They serve as a type of handshake, to either introduce or leave a lasting impression from a meeting and help the other person be able to get in touch with you quickly.

What are some features of  good business card design?

  • Include your logo and clear positioning statement
  • Design with a clear and legible font
  • Maintain consistency with your brand’s logo, colors and fonts
  • Simple  but unique design
  • Focus on good visual communication of the contact information
  • Uniqueness of card in terms of texture and design. This means be unique with your business card. Different shapes of the card, unique paper texture or printing (thermography or letterpress, spot colors) can leave a lasting impression.
  • Two sided business card design with 4-color

Letterhead Design

Letterhead Design is also an important part of a corporate or professional brand identity. Email is a great tool for quick communication, but your company’s letterhead design is formal and professional way to communicate important information. It helps to grab your customer’s attention and usually includes the logo, contact information, and website in a well designed, minimal and compelling design. Letterhead design is important as a marketing tool in that it can introduce you, perform as a legal document, persuade your customer, and instill trust and credibility. Having a professional letterhead design for your brand identity helps to communicate to your customers you are serious about your business as you are willing to invest in all avenues to maintain a professional brand image.

What are features of good letterhead design?

  •  Include your logo and relevant contact information (Phone, address, email, website)
  • Maintain a simple design but use space well. Keep additional elements to a minimal but be creative in regard to the actual design
  •  Focus on typography and legibility. Make sure important information is readable.
  • Be creative. Letterheads don’t have to be white. Print a full color backside to the letterhead, play with imagery and graphics (minimally), use color to create a unique piece that your customer will enjoy receiving.

Envelope Design

With modern day printing technology, a company can affordably invest in 4-color envelope design that works alongside their letterhead design as part of a cohesive branding strategy. The envelope can have a full color front and back. For a company who regularly sends out mail and to add motivation to open the letter, it’s worthwhile to invest in envelope design as part of your brand identity.

Website Design

Lastly, a core element for every brand to have is a professional and well designed website. This is how most of your customers will find you and learn about you. To learn more about web design for brand identities, click the link below.

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Do you need help creating a professional brand identity?

Typework Studio is a Buffalo, NY Branding and Design Agency that offers brand identity development as a core service. We design brand identities that  communicate impressiveness and professionalism to your target market. We can also help you with printing where there is need.  We partner with several American print houses that deliver high quality, lasting business card, letterhead, and envelope printing in a cost efficient manner.  Contact us at (716) 320-0010 or email us using the link below to start the conversation about brand identity.

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