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Responsive Web Design for Mobile

The way we respond to people is important. Your response shows exactly how you feel towards to someone. Ultimately, we make or break people with our responses. Your web site is no different. When your site fails to respond as mobile and tablet traffic increases, you turn away potential customers to your competition. Because of this, your website must have responsive web design, and it must respond well.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Since 2012, there has been an increase in mobile traffic. For many industries, mobile traffic now exceeds the amount of  desktop traffic. With this in mind, we work to educate the importance of responsive web design to our clients. Specifically, we stress the need for an accessible  web site that functions on a phone or tablet.  This is absolutely necessary to compete in your industry. While people are constantly on the go, they need to be able to quickly search for your web site. In fact if they can’t read your website, they are going to leave. This results in a high bounce rate while your competition gains the clicks and traffic.

Responsive web design is a design approach we offer at our Buffalo NY branding & web design agency. While we design and develop our websites, we also work towards the optimal viewer experience. So what is the optimal viewer experience? It means the web site is easy to read and navigate. It must resize, pan, and scroll with the device. These include the desktop computer, ipad, iphone and all other mobile devices.

Often times, companies will a develop mobile website in addition to the main website. This is problematic in that there are two sites to maintain. The end result is inconsistencies that create more work for the client, as they maintain and update two websites. Responsive web design removes this need for two sites and crafts the site around a fluid grid concept. The web site itself becomes alive and shifts and changes with the device viewing the site. Everything becomes flexible from columns to type and images and resizes in relative units using media queries within the CSS style rules.

Jump Start on your Website with Responsive Web Design

We  use responsive web design to promote brand image. As we carefully craft brand identities, we pay careful attention to the devices that customers view the website on.  As we build the web brand, we address responsive design in the preliminary stages of site build. We discuss the sites needs and functionality and how these will respond on mobile devices. Clients often focus on overall design of the site, and then branch out into the responsive design for mobile. It is beneficial to keep responsive design in the forefront with any web development. Because this is a necessity for competition on the internet, to keep it in the forefront helps make the transition to a responsive site much easier. If this is put first, the responsive design will not be a tedious task and will instantly help the viewer experience on the web. The end result? A web site that is helpful and considerate of the viewer.

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