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What is responsive web design?

Responsive design is a method of web design that gives the website the ability to flex and scale to the mobile device on which it is viewed. Specifically, it’s the coding of media queries into the web site’s stylesheet so that the web site detects the user’s screen size. Once detected, it formats the website to fit that particular browser’s screen size. Typography and images will scale up or down accordingly to render the website usable by mobile phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Often times, companies will a develop a mobile website or app in addition to the main website. This is problematic in that there are two sites to maintain. The end result is inconsistencies can occur and create more work for the brand as they maintain and update two websites. Responsive web design removes this need for two sites and builds the site around a fluid grid concept. The web site itself becomes alive and flexes and changes with the device viewing the site. Everything becomes flexible from columns to type and images and resizes the website using media queries within the CSS style rules.

Why is responsive design important for your brand's website?

In 2018, over 50% of website traffic was on mobile phones. This is constantly increasing as mobile technology improves each year. Your customers are quick to jump on the web and look up your company. If your web site’s design is not viewable to read or doesn’t render well, there’s a good chance you will loose your customer’s interest and sale. Responsive design is necessary to compete well within your industry.

Think about it. The way we respond to people is important. Every response expresses how and what you feel towards to someone or something. Ultimately, we can make or break people with our responses. Your web site is no different. When your site fails to respond on mobile devices, you turn away potential customers to your competition. Your website must have responsive web design, and it must respond well. To not have a responsive web site reflects poorly upon your brand. Your customers need to see integrity and consistency in order to invest in you. So take the extra step and invest in responsive web design.

What are the benefits of responsive web design?

As discussed above, there are advantages for having a responsive website:

  • Credibility to your brand – Having a responsive web site shows not only are you considerate to your customers but also show you keep up with modern day technology.
  • Cost Affordable – Responsive web design eliminates the need for a separate mobile website or mobile app. Integrating responsive design is a cost effective approach to marketing towards all devices on the web.
  • Logical – Responsive web site is logical in that you only maintain one website. Once you make a change, this is transferred across all devices.
  • Lower bounce rate – For customers who do not have a responsive site, most mobile visitors will visit and immediately bounce back to the search results. The negative side is that a high bounce rate affects your ranking on search engines.
  • Higher conversion rate  – As new mobile customers visit your website, having professional responsive design as part of your site increases your credibility and makes it harder for your customer to go to the competition

How do we help promote your brand image through responsive design?

We  use the method of responsive web design to promote your brand image at our Buffalo NY branding & web design agency. As we build out the web aspect of your brand, we address responsive design in the preliminary stages of site build. Clients can focus on overall design of the site, and then branch out into the responsive design for mobile. However, it’s helpful to keep responsive design in the forefront of any web development.  If you keep it as a main focus the responsive build out will be a smooth transition from desktop to mobile. When put first, the responsive design will not be a tedious task and will instantly help the viewer experience on the web. The end result? A web site that is helpful, easy to navigate and considerate of the viewer.

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