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The way we respond to people is important. Your response shows exactly how you feel towards an individual, you can make or break people with your responses. The web is no different. If your site fails to respond to the new technology that is ever increasingly growing in this day and age, you can be turning away potential customers to your competition. Your website has to respond, and it has to respond well.

What is Responsive Web Design?

In 2012, with the rise of the iPhone and iPad, mobile traffic exceeded the amount of traffic most sites get from the average desktop computer. This is something we like our clients to know first and foremost, and that the need for an accessible site that functions on a phone or tablet is becoming absolutely necessary to compete in your industry. As people are always on the go and have the ability to quickly search for you, the fact is if they can’t read your selling copy they are going to leave and move on to the next competition who may have a mobile site.

Responsive web design is a design approach we offer at our NY web design agency, where we design and develop our websites for the optimal viewing experience. What is optimal viewing experience? It means easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer, to ipad, to iphone or other mobile devices.

Often times, mobile sites are developed aside from a main website that is viewed on desktop computers, so there are basically two sites to maintain, creating more work for the end client. Responsive web design removes this need for two site and aims to craft the site around a fluid grid concept, and the site itself almost becomes alive, shifting and changing based on the device on which it is rendered. Everything becomes flexible from columns to images and resized in relative units using media queries within the CSS style rules.

Getting started on your mobile site

We help our brands by crafting websites that respond as a mobile site or tablet site using responsive design. This is something we address in the preliminary stages of the new brand identity when we are discussing the sites needs and functionality. Clients often focus first on overall design of the site, and then branch out into the responsive design for mobile. It is always beneficial to keep responsive design in the forefront as a possibility for any web development, as this is becoming a greater necessity for competing on the world wide web. Keeping it in the forefront helps make the transition to a responsive site much easier, as responsive design can become tedious based on the amount of pages within the site and how the site is designed.

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