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"Buying or Selling?
Gina’s here for you."

Gina Trippie Real Estate CMS Web Design
Main page of the Gina Trippie Real Estate CMS Web Design
Gina Trippie Real Estate Photoshoot
One in-situ photograph for Gina’s website
Gina Trippe CMS Web Design Responsive
Responsive Design is included in the CMS Web Site
Gina Trippie Real Estate CMS Web Design
Secondary page of the Gina Trippie web site
Gina Trippie Real Estate CMS Web Design
Mobile Design Version of the Real Estate Web Site

About the Gina Trippie CMS Web Design

Gina is a Buffalo, NY Hunt Real Estate Salesperson, and also a close friend. In 2017-2018, with the support of her husband and family, Gina decided to venture into a new career, this being helping others find and sell homes. With a background and certification in professional staging of homes, Gina has a deep interest in not only houses, but helping others find and build their perfect home.

With the passing of her exam to become a certified real estate agent, Gina chose to work with Hunt Realty. In order to officially launch business, she needed professional branding that would establish her as a leader in the real estate field. In addition, having a self brand would help her gain credibility and trust with clients. We were so happy to be able to help provide Gina with her initial brand.

The first step to the creation of Gina’s self brand was the design of a logo. The logo serves as the foundation and building blocks to every brand. Once this was established, Gina needed a web site that would do the following:

  • Provide Gina with the ability to add and edit content
  • Showcase in-situ photography of Gina to familiarize clients with her
  • Link up with Gina’s Hunt Real Estate page so that clients could search current house listings
  • Function as a blog
  • Allow people to search via the website for new real estate listings
  • Allow people to contact her via forms
  • Be responsive and allow the website to respond on mobile and tablets

All of these points are part of the functionality of the Gina Trippie Real Estate CMS Web Design.
The content management system of the website is WordPress with a custom theme designed and developed uniquely for the Gina Trippie brand. View the live website at: https://ginatrippie.com

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