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Foure Forces Aviation Logo Design

"The name Foure Forces represents the basics of aviation and the four forces that act on a plane for it to fly. These four forces are drag, lift, thrust, and weight."

Foure Forces Aviation Logo Design by Typework Studio Logo Design Agency Foure Forces Aviation Logo Design by Typework Studio Logo Design Agency

About the Foure Forces Aviation Logo Design

The Fource Forces Aviation logo design project began when Taylor Heber and Natalie VanNostrand contracted our design agency for a new logo for their company. Located in Alaska, Foure Forces is a new startup that reviews aviation professionals in the industry. Their target market is millennials with an interest in or currently obtaining a career/certification in aviation. This includes any pilot searching for more information regarding professionals in the industry. With this new startup venture, there arose the need for a professional logo.

Their desire was that the final logo design communicate credibility,  valuable, relevant, quality control, well rounded and knowledgeable expertise.  The end product should convey first, that Foure Forces is a professional aviation company. At the same time, the logo should communicate, “Wow, they have disrupted the industry and provide an immense amount of value.” Finally, the logo and brand should relay the message that aviators have the power to find valuable and credible instruction through Foure Forces.

This project shows the final logo design for Foure Forces. Visually, the icon for the Foure Forces aviation logo design is a type of monogram with two “F’s” facing back to back. Because their favorite colors are monochrome tones, Foure Forces opted for a subtle color pallet of cool grays.

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