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Heather Davis Fine Art Logo Design Heather Davis Fine Art Logo Design

Heather Davis Fine Art Branding Heather Davis Fine Art Branding

The fine art industry is a unique realm. Creativity and technique merge together in visual form to proclaim the message of the artist. In this world, creativity finds its climax within the art and it’s collection. Because the creative process is a comprehensive and often exhaustive field, many artists come to an abrupt halt, not knowing how to monetize from their work.

To brand a fine artist can be confusing, however with proper guidance artists can launch a simple yet effective, professional brand identity. This is seen with the Heather Davis brand identity.

Who is Heather Davis?

Heather Davis is a fine artist from North Carolina. In the past, we were able to design her specialty farm brand, WhyNot Farm through the provision of logo design, brochure design and CMS Website. In 2017, Heather took the initiative to launch and self promote her fine art brand of encaustic artwork, Heather Davis Studio.

Because the collaboration for the farm brand identity was successful, Heather came back to our design agency for help. As a return client with whom we had happily partnered, we were thrilled to engage her on this new fine art brand identity.

Heather is an encaustic fine artist. The encaustic process has ancient roots, a technique used by the masters. It involves the application of pigments and wax onto a surface of canvas or wood. The artist then heats the pigments and way to form the final encaustic artwork. The end result is a beautiful composition of color and was that merge into a timeless wax painting. 

The Problem

As encaustic pieces, Heather’s paintings are truly beautiful. However, without the proper branding and avenues for selling, they lay hidden within her studio. The first step in creation of the Heather Davis Brand was logo development. 

Heather’s pieces are complex in form and color. The final logo design must be simple to offset the pieces. As with each logo design, we knew we had to develop an iconic logo that was timeless as well as memorable.

The Design of a Fine Art Logo

What makes an artist unique? It is not only the actual artwork, but the individual as well. Because every artist is unique, this is where we began our search for the perfect brand identity.

Every artwork is found to be authenticate by its signature; this is where we establish the work to be true or false. It was in this thought where we to find our logo design for the fine art brand. The final logo shown within this project is a creative merging of part of Heather signature into an simple art element that could be found in any of her works. It is, in essence, Heather in iconic form.

Heather was able to provide a rough sample of her signature and signature brushstroke. From this graphic we were able to create a vector logo that would be able to scale up or down and not lose its beauty or resolution. The final logo does not incorporate color, it functions solely as an off black or white.

The font pairing for the Heather Davis fine art logo is Marana Black. This sans serif font functions with simple guideline in mind, and fit well with the icon for a modern and timeless logo.

How to Create a Fine Art Logo for an Artist Brand

The Heather Davis Logo Design is an example of the thought process and design as part of a fine art logo development. If as an artist you are able to have a logo design made professionally, it is one of the best investments you can make. A professional logo will greatly alleviate brand hurdles you may face down the road. If you cannot afford professional logo design, remember to keep these key attributes in mind:

  • Keep the logo design simple
  • Make your logo memorable
  • Use creativity and uniqueness
  • Readability and Legibility is key
  • Ensure your logo can function in one color


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