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Matick Chevrolet Auto Logo Design Matick Chevrolet Auto Logo DesignNew Matick Logo Vs Old Matick Logo

About the logo project

George Matick Chevrolet is a certified Chevy auto dealership in Michigan. As a result of being the largest Chevy dealer in the USA, the team became conscious of the necessity to have a timeless, yet professional logo that would represent the face of the company and its umbrella of brands. Matick Chevrolet approached our NY Logo and Branding Design Agency to help with this need and partner with them to create a new face for the auto brand. The challenge of this particular logo project was to create a logo that would work simultaneously with a range of exclusive auto brands, such as the Chevy and Toyota logo. This project shows the finalized logo design for George Matick Chevrolet.

Discover more: https://www.matickchevy.com/

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