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St4rg4ze Music Logo Design

"The ST4RG4ZE brand bridges the gap between timeless music and today's hard hitting dubstep. It matters because music has the power to unite people from around the world."

St4rG4ze Music Logo Design St4rG4ze Music Logo Design

About the ST4RG4ZE logo design

ST4RG4ZE is a electronic music brand that fuses dubstep, trap, and future bass led by it’s creative genius, Nick Peters. Nick approached our logo design agency with the need for a logo that conveyed keywords such as ethereal, rhythmic, epic, cutting-edge, innovative and original. The brand had to compete with other musical leaders in the industry such as Zhu and Zomboy in terms of branding. The logo also had to be simple and timeless, something that really visualized the brand prior and added a level of depth and class prior to anyone listening to the music. Nick wanted the end product to be something that listeners would start out by recognizing a strong brand and concluding with thoughts such as “This music is amazing.” This is the finalized logo for ST4RG4ZE by our NY branding and logo design agency.

Listen to ST4RG4ZE music on Soundcloud.

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