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Presentation is Everything

The importance of product presentation

In branding, image and presentation are everything if you are trying to monetize on your product. If your product can’t sell by itself alone, you can guarantee your marketing efforts will be in vain, or more work than you need to do. The presentation of the product, or the package design, must be able to sell on the shelf without any verbal dialogue. So what makes a strong package design?

  • CONSISTENCY WITH YOUR BRAND – in every avenue of your branding materials, there needs to be consistency. This is the foundation of a solid brand, a well thought out brand. Think of it as the interior of a house. You don’t mix and match styles of every room unless you are building some sort of fun house. You have common elements, such as fonts, consistency in logo, color schemes and message that all flow smoothly with your brand. The package design MUST reflect this first.
  • VISUALLY APPEALING – The product packaging must attract the buyer no matter where its placed on the shelf. The design must be eye catching and make your target buyer reach for the product.
  • CLOSE ATTENTION TO DETAILS – In product packaging, you have certain guidelines you must meet; if it’s a beauty product you may have multi languages that need to be placed on the package, or multi language instructions. In any case, all of this information must be included within the overall design or you will be reprinting, which is never cost efficient. Thats why the design is so important; how can you make a visually stimulating product that adheres to all guidelines and still evokes a response from the buyer? This is only through close, critical attention to detail within the design.
  • FUNCTIONAL – The product packaging must be functional in its selling. Is the product something that the buyer would like to touch? Is it something the buyer would like to smell? How can you product the package in a way that you are conserving costs yet still strengthening the overall design of the end product? These are all questions that must be answered prior to designing the package and require an in length conversation with your designer and printer.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION – Does the product packaging effectively communicate that which it is selling? For instance, if your target market is men, does the package design communicate to men? Does it make a man want to pick up and buy it? Your package design must appeal to the end target market.
  • INNOVATIVE – Does the product packaging reflect innovation? Creativity within the packaging and the use of innovative packaging will set your product apart from its competition. If you have close competition to your product, using an innovative or new type of packaging can put you one step above.
  • PACKAGING MEDIUM – What type of material you use within your package design can make or break the sale. As in any area of life, stepping it up is always a good thing. Using a slightly better grade of paper, opting to have areas imprinted are all small details that can get you that critical sale.

Working with a Branding + Design Agency

All of these factors play a crucial row in creating a successful design for your product. Other factors that have an impact on package design include development time, research time on your target market and the actual printing time. Make sure you have factored in budget and design and production time for the promotion of your product.

Prior to working with a designer, it is important to have all your market research written out, budget ready, ideas and concepts clearly defined, die lines and specs if you are working with a print house; otherwise this will need to be defined. This is all necessary in order to design a successful product package in a timely manner.

When all the appropriate details for the project have been compiled, the final factor in a successful package design is the designer. Often clients feel that all investment should go into the product rather than the actual promotion and skimp on the cost of a designer. The designer is one of the most critical factors that can lead to a success within the marketing of your product. An unskilled designer results in an immature package design. Part of your overall budget for package design should include resources to hiring a skilled designer. A good designer will bring things like typography, line, texture, color and style to your product, while at the same time effectively communicating the message you are working to deliver to your end market.

If you are interested in learning more about package from Typework Studio, or understanding what our NY branding and design agency can bring to the success of your product, please contact us today. One of our designers can talk through your project and get you a design estimate for your package design. If you need help selecting a printer to fit your working budget, we can recommend several print houses with excellent quality and affordable pricing.

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