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Benefits of Participating in Tradeshows

As a new or existing business, whether it be a retailer or wholesaler, tradeshows are excellent ways to promote your brand, network and find vital market research on your customers and competition. Some main reasons to participate in tradeshows are:

  • Promote your brand and image to a large amount of potential clients at one time
  • Discover your competition and view the marketing strategies they are implementing
  • Generate new ideas for your business and marketing
  • Get educated on your industry and what your target market is searching for
  • Network and form new potential business relationships
  • Quickly answer questions in person which can lead to new business

What creates a great display booth

As you decide to participate in tradeshows, or put your brand on display in terms of large scale graphics, there are several considerations to bear in mind to effectively communicate your brand with your audience.

  • Add your logo – Letting your audience know who you are is vital in quick communication, but be conservative in adding your logo. Your logo should not be the largest part of the display, it should be on there, yes, but does not need to scream to your audience. Picture it like this  – would you introduce yourself screaming your name at someone? Be subtle and put more emphasis on the creative design behind the graphic.
  • Simplicity – Keep the graphic clear, clean and too the point. The human brain is built to appreciate order and simplicity. An overwhelming graphic will confuse people and leave a negative impression.
  • Brand Statement – every brand should have a brand statement, a simple phrase that sums up what you do quickly and clearly. This should be well thought out and in agreement with what you do, and this should be communicated on your tradeshow graphic or large scale graphic.
  • Functionality – prior to getting your graphics designed, investigate your space. Find out all the specifications. An example – often tradeshows will have booths or tables in front of them. All of this information is important in creating a successful graphic. You need to ensure that your message is clear to your audience.

How our design agency helps

As designers who specialize in brand identities and strategies, we design and create graphics for tradeshows that are cohesive and consistent with your brand. We are not limited to tradeshow graphics, but also have experience in producing large scale graphics for the workplace or kiosk designs or banners for exhibits. What we require from the client is exact specifications for the graphic in relation to tradeshow stand or space that the graphic is to be fitted in and the deadline for the graphic. We work with your print house to get them the correct specifications, and if you are in need of a printing company we have several notable print sources who produce excellent quality while working within your budget.

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