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Make a link, image or map area dial a Mobile Phone Number

Make an image clickable to a mobile phone numberWe have been slowly but surely updating our website, with new work, new functionality, working on adding a design store and more. One of the new features of our website is adding an image link to dial a mobile phone number. This can be added with just a few simple steps.

How to Do It: Adding the Link

The basic structure for adding a link that will call a mobile device is as follows:

<a href=”tel:17163200010″>Call +1 716 320 00010</a>

Problems with Desktops

This works great on your phone, but nothing happens on a desktop computer. So the best way to get around this is to have the link appear within a responsive style sheet as follows:

<a href=”tel:17163200010″ class=”mobilesOnly>Call +1 716 320 00010</a>

Add the CSS for non-handheld devices, i.e. your main style sheet.
.mobilesOnly {visibility:hidden;}

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